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Command & Control (C2) Support

Command and Control (C2) is the operational concept of exercising authority over a tactical, strategic or National force with the intent of achieving a particular objective. The objective is achieved through the coordination of forces equipment and personnel.

RAM Laboratories’ professional services members are prior Warfighters with extensive experience in Command and Control procedures drawn from years of military service and training in all warfare areas. RAM Laboratories’ staff has supported client requirements by:

  • Drafting Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
  • Providing structured guidance for the coordination of operational assets
  • Defining units’ duties and responsibilities in support of mission objectives
  • Developing exercise scenarios to train and evaluate C2 procedures
  • Supporting mission planning by developing operational doctrines such as Oporders and Optasks.

Gather, Process, Display, Evaluate and Disseminate are the cornerstones of operational Command and Control. RAM Laboratories has assisted in the improvement of Command and Control procedures by addressing these cornerstones through the definition of operational tasks, while aiding in the development of Pre-Planned responses for emergent and anticipated threats. This professional support has lead to improved operational readiness and enhanced decision-making for RAM Laboratories’ clients.


Representative Customers

SPAWAR Systems Center, Pacific
Air Force Research Laboratory
SPAWAR Systems Command, PEO C4I

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