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Training & Integrated Logistics Support

RAM Laboratories training department is replete with qualified Master Training Specialists that are intimately familiar with the Sea Warrior Training Concepts as well as Fleet Training Standards and Qualifications. Specific training capabilities include:

  • Training systems documentation including technical training manuals
  • Training systems development including embedded and deployable training capabilities
  • C4I systems training
  • Simulation based training development
  • Web-based training
  • Tutorial development and self paced computer- based training
  • Curriculum development
  • Instructor evaluation and support
  • RAM Laboratories staff has supported a dearth of customers in all aspects of training needs.

Staff Support Experience include

MIDS Program Office
Spawar Systems Center Pacific (SSC PAC)
Air Force Research Labs (AFRL)

Our training services support system life-cycle requirements by providing integrated logistic support, training systems documentation, and systems operator and maintainer technical training that are compliant with operational capabilities. Training support also includes the training of hardware, traditional media, training aids, computer-aided instruction, self-paced computer based training, web-based training, technical training manuals, training facilities, embedded and deployable training capabilities, training management systems and instructor and support personnel to sustain the system.

Training Design and Evaluation:

Perform Front-End Analysis and/or Training Situation Analysis. Provide assessments on alternative training solutions and recommend feasibility of alternative implementation of training solutions.

Develop and/or implement a Training Solution. Design and/or develop new or updated curricula, modeling and simulation scenarios, or training systems; coordinate training for student testing and maintain student training records; teach the curricula; monitor training system performance; and provide feedback for incorporation into analysis processes.

Conduct of training site visits. Perform instructor evaluations; identify personnel or equipment safety violations; verify student arrival and possession of all pre-requisite requirements; review local training site quota control process and convening allocations; evaluate condition of training equipment and hand tools; evaluate condition of classroom and laboratory facilities; and perform final distribution of site report.

Incorporate recommended approved revisions/changes from; teach the curricula; and monitor the training system performance. Provide feedback for incorporation into analysis processes.

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