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SOA / Web Services

RAM Laboratories is developing novel service-oriented application technologies and transitioning applications to operate within service and web-based domains. Our efforts range from providing fundamental technology in the areas of information management, network routing, and data filtering, to developing advanced services and applications for future SOA-based military systems. Key areas of emphasis include:

Service Oriented Architectures
Web Services
Composable Services
Data Aggregation & Filtering

Representative Customers

  • AFRL
  • Missile Defense Agency
  • US Army Space and Missil Defenese Command

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Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) RAM Laboratories scientists and engineers are applying SOA principles to traditional parallel and distributed computing domains; creating new applications with outstanding performance, scalability, flexibility, and interoperability characteristics. Simulation, analysis, and prediction capabilities are among the exciting array of new services being developed and employed by RAM Laboratories.

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Web Services: Software applications, frameworks and infrastructures must adhere to standard web service protocols to fully participate in increasingly common web-centric application environments. RAM Laboratories engineers are transitioning applications and systems to web services by translating messages into standard XML-based formats, defining web service interfaces to existing functionality, and registering service descriptions with service discovery registries. We make use of standard technologies such as XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI to provide web service solutions.

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Data Aggregation & Filtering: Advanced data aggregation and filtering techniques can allow information management systems to reduce the time and effort required to handle and process the sheer volume of raw data that may be produced in support of modern military operations, particularly those involving multiple real-time sensor sources. RAM Laboratories engineers and scientists are implementing novel technologies that help classify, aggregate, format and label data so that it is more manageable and suitable for further processing by a variety of available services.

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Mission Level Modeling: RAM Laboratories has extensive mission level modeling capabilities using a variety of modeling environments. Our engineers and scientists develop models and scenarios for diverse environments such as JSAF (Joint Semi-Automated Forces), ONESAF Objective System, and Business Process Modeling environments including EXTEND and Hyperformix Workbench. RAM Laboratories captures behavior for models and scenarios using DODAF OVs and SVs, and utilizes those models to assess operational objectives.

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