Secure Information Sharing

RAM Laboratories applies state of the art research to advance information sharing over distributed and wireless networks.

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Improving performance and quality of service for tactical users

Attribute Based Encryption

Ensuring network security with collusion resistant encryption

Key Management

Applying, distributing, and revoking encryption keys for total protection

Custom Android Development for Secure Handhelds

Mobile devices drive today’s connected world. RAM Laboratories’ expertise and solutions ensure users and enterprises get the most out of their mobile devices.

Operating System Enhancement

Securely supporting multiple personas on a single device

Customized Features

Providing end to end custom mobile development; from apps to the kernel

Mobile Device Management

Enhancing enterprise mobility management for data and application control

Segmented and Converged Networks

RAM Laboratories architects performance and security into networks; effectively utilizing resources to process, route, and store data.

Edge Computing

Leveraging memory and computing power at the tactical edge

Internet of Things

Strengthening IoT network security

Additive Manufacturing

Segmenting networks to securely transfer and print critical designs

Tactical Network
Engineering & Analysis

Tactical communications are essential to the Warfighters’ mission.

RAM Laboratories provides network analysis, engineering, and test solutions.

Tactical Data Links

Providing hardware, software, and system engineering support

Software Defined Radios

Building and testing software for programmable radios


Developing analytics for future satellite communications

Generating Cutting Edge Networked Solutions

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